Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Elevating the Spirit, Showing Townsville, QLD

Elevating the Spirit is my touring solo exhibition currently on show at the Main Space (selected) Umbrella Studio, Contemporary Arts, 482 Flinders St., Townsville, from 24th April until 31st May, 2009. Ph/Fax 07 4772 7109

Here are some photos of the exhibit, my artist talk delivery and opening speech time.

My official exhibition opening speaker, Jill O'Sullivan, MCA, Printmaker

Tokens, 3 x 7 =21 Medium: Mixed media on canvas;
Size: H.1220 mm x W.1220 mm x D.37 mm (48" x 48")
© Copyright Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch. All Rights Reserved

How would I describe my work?
The work is abstract, spiritual, intrinsic and may be labelled as Remodernist and Archetypal Expressionism. Using multiple/mixed mediums, connections, relationships and unity are explored through visual language elements, symbology, between one’s inner-self (soul/spirit/life-force/essence), psyche and outer world. Notions of passage, transition/change, duality, reflection, containment, synthesis/fusion are contemplated and reflected upon.

Trans-Bound (Detail)
Medium: Acrylic, threads, rice paper on canvas.
Brief Description: A subtle layer of gold threads has been stitched on to represent spirit passage and mediation between the transient forces and one's reality.

© Copyright Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch
All Rights Reserved

Links where you can connect, follow, find out more about my work and the exhibition:

1. My FaceBook Public Profile Page - Come take a look, become a fan at Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch Australian Multi/Mixed-Media Artist/Educator

2. View the slide presentations, accompanied with music, of my exhibition work here ABC ARTPOST

3. My home website Current prices of the exhibition work have been listed in the online Elevating the Spirit Galleries. Contact Umbrella Studio direct for purchasing exhibition works.

4. My Red Bubble site - various print formats available from cards to posters.

5. Fine Art America - archival giclee open edition prints available.

Artwork: Spirit of Gold, States of Being
Mixed media - acrylic, linen thread on canvas
Size: H.1220 x W.1220 x D.37 mm (48" x 48")

Brief: Acrylic and textured layers have been built up in a multiple page layout composition in reference to my 'Book of Threads', a process visual art diary. Symbolic meanings are explored through the pages, X's, multi-generational vessels, channels, stitched threads, colours and the transitional floating leaf.

3D work: Spirit Transit

© Copyright Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch All Rights Reserved

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