Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Previous post was about the Beast, now for some Beauty!

The work Dual Splendour (below) was painted for total right side brain relaxation mode back in Jan.2006, after a very busy lead up to Christmas retail business period. Usually I work in 'hidden discovery' non-objective mode for non-preordained experimental compositional results but in this instance I've allowed myself to work quite prescriptively here, with a predetermined photographic image taken from my recent rose shoot series.
Listening to my inner instincts I had a strong desire to paint with oils, to try out a warm/cool dual under painting approach and incorporate a build-up of translucent glazes for their rich luminosity. On completion it was interesting to note that people who knew of my previous creative art work habits had no idea I had painted this work. Being in my retail shop people had asked me “who was the artist?” (:-) I know I am very capable of painting and drawing realistically.

After university and years of a creative art practice and art teaching, creativity, with all its challenges and rewards, has infused and permeated my whole being, like oxygen is required in the blood it supports and maintains my life and flows continually, fluently through the positive higher energy veins of this universe.

  • Original artwork: Rose Splendour
  • Oil with an acrylic texture underlayer on stretched canvas support.
  • Size: H. 675 mm x W. 998 mm.
  • Framed with a large round gold and inner flat small navy blue liner frame
  • Exhibited Feast of the Senses, Innisfail and was jury accepted into the Cairns Art Society Inc Annual Art Exhibition held Cairns Regional Gallery, where it was positioned in a prime position at front entrance.
    (Note of interest - I actually was awarded a 'commended' for another work, entered/accepted in the 'abstract' section).
Rose Splendour - by Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch
Oil painting on a stretched canvas.
Work has sold.
  • Background: Heavily perfumed these roses were so ready for the picking. A gorgeous variety of roses were grown that year by my husband (he goes through phases) during the cooler winter months of our Far North Queensland tropical climate, in tubs up off the ground (because it rains so much) in our rainforest backyard near Innisfail. I arranged and photo documented many of the different roses for future artwork reference material. My painting time and a rose series was stopped short with Cyclone Larry's devasting visit in March that same year.
  • Concept: In this work, the concept of duality is explored at various levels, such as: in the division of textures (smooth and rough); the warm and cool underpainting tones used on each half of the canvas; bright sunlight and cast shadow, with the complimentary contrast of magnificent fleshy orange, round spiraling rose petals branching out into full bloom in the foreground, to jagged edges and silhouetted dark blue/green cast shadows in the background.
  • Prints: Artwork image is available in a variety of reproduction prints, eg.card, mounted or laminate print, poster or framed, at my RedBubble Gallery

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