Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Perspective

Tropical Cyclone Yasi Feb2011 - Having been directly under and through this one 'in the dark' at the physical land level, getting an overview like this rain radar, helps my visual mind to grasp things more chronologically relative to the winds/rains experienced.  This massive system passed over two weeks ago and has affected so many people's lives in so many varying degrees and vast ways.
Tropical Cyclone Yasi Rain Radar - The Weather Channel Australia
The Weather Channel's rain radar shows Tropical Cyclone Yasi crossing the coast at Mission Beach, Queensland. Heavy rainfall can be seen to the south of the cyclone's centre as it makes landfall.

One cannot forget. Everyday, whether looking out a window of home or driving to work, one is reminded constantly by the visible views of ravaged, mangled, littered and scarred landscape. All still echos the sound and feel of those constant roaring full force winds, memories resonating, vibrating through one's being. It is all still raw and surreal.

* Photo - Cyclone ravaged rainforest on Pin Gin Hill, Qld 4860
Pin Gin Hill, Palmerston Highway, Far North Queensland
Where is this -

 * View of Mt. Bartle Frere and Mountain Ranges, facing North.
View of Mt. Bartle Frere and Mountain Ranges, Far North Queensland.
Photo taken from Palmerston Hwy near Pin Gin Hill, Queensland, 6.51pm, 6 Feb. 2011

We all go on, bit by bit, one day at a time, taking our experiences and lessons from this; for those of us that stay on in this tropical land, we think of ways to be better prepared safety wise for that 'next' time round. Tropical cyclones are just one dynamic part of the many cycles of life in the tropics.

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