Monday, October 24, 2011

Rhythm and Rhyme - Hidden Treasures

Note - This is an edited re-post from 2009-10-28 because Blogger (Google) stuffed up/lost a lot of my previous posted images and now Blogger error malfunctions are not allowing me to update them. 8 (

'Rhythm and Rhyme' by Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch ©2009

The artwork Rhythm and Rhyme was made for the 'Hidden Treasures' Postcard exhibition at the Cairns Regional Gallery (their annual fundraiser) held Oct 23 - Nov.6, 2009. 
Artwork details - Mixed media on gessoed board. Diptych, size 2 x (5" x 7").

Photo - First night session of the work in progress in my studio gallery.
Work in progress in my studio gallery.

About the 2009 Exhibition
Approximately 105 invited artists were involved with all the works displayed in alphabetical order in single file around the room.  On the finale night Friday Nov 6, the closing silent bid time is at 7.30 pm. The last silent bidder's no. written on the bidding card displayed underneath the work will be the new owner of this work. 50% of the finale bidding amount will be donated to the Gallery.
Generally a fun social finale night though sometimes as witnessed in previous years, is mingled with some hissing and yes, even cat fights amongst friends and complete strangers towards the end, as people desperately try to get a last bid on a favoured artist's work or two, hoping to add to their art collection.

 Rhythm and Rhyme is available in various print formats at my RedBubble Gallery.

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