Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Dividing Line ~ Twilight Zone" by Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch | RedBubble

Silhouetted against the twilight sky on a glorious tropical winter’s June evening is the well known landmark Broken Nose (on the right) – at the southern end of the range of Mt. Bartle Frere, Queensland’s highest mountain – along with many other hill lines while looking towards the Tablelands. A solitary rural home light shines out in the dark (seen further below the Broken Nose point). 

"Dividing Line ~ Twilight Zone" by Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch ©2012 Photography

Photo shot was taken from Belvedere, near Innisfail in Tropical Far North Queensland, Australia, approx. four months after Cyclone Yasi had passed through.

***If you look closely along the dividing line you’ll see it has a ‘spiky’ texture and is not smooth. This is evidence of all the stripped trees caused by the extreme forces of the cat.5 cyclonic winds!

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  1. Looks a little bit furry along the horizon. Another of Mother Nature's wonders!