Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tropical Fusions - Panels 1 and 2 of 4 total

Tropical Fusions

Is an experimental art ‘potpourri’ work involving techniques of drawing, collage, opaque and transparent painting, layering and then even more overlaying, cutting and dividing.

Mixed-media:pencils – graphite, charcoal, pastel, oil, coloured; soft pastels, impasto gel (acrylic medium), netting, papers – rice, cartridge; natural processed fibres – bagasse (from sugar cane stems); water-based screen-print ink.

Support: 300gsm Arches rag paper, each size 385 × 285 mm
An original sheet size 770 × 570 mm was divided into quarters and each work then laminated onto individual stretched canvases and presented in a single frame format for exhibiting.

Tropical Fusions (Panel 1 of 4) 

(Image = Bottom left hand side panel of four.)


Tropical Fusions (Panel 1 of 4) by ©2013

Tropical Fusions (Panel 2 of 4)

(Image = Bottom right hand side panel of four.)


Tropical Fusions (Panel 2 of 4) by ©2013


 Original work is:

  • From the Group Exhibition: Cross Currents, 2002, Sugarama Gallery, Mourilyan, QLD.
  • Also Exhibited: 2002-03, Year of the Outback DPI Flying Arts and Selected for Flying Arts TOURING Exhibition Regional Queensland.
  • Currently in the Artist’s Collection.


Overall compositional imagery was inspired/influenced from nature drawing/painting studies direct from my local surrounding Far North Queensland tropical environment such as the capturing of:
  • undulating strata layers, rhythms and patterns from the telling timeline surfaces of palm tree trunks
  • Leaves – both actual and implied: of leaf fall, Native Hibiscus Tiliaceus (cottonwood) dried leaves plus others
  • Palm seeds
  • Butterflies and wings – both actual and implied: of the Cairns Birdwing and other
  • Seasonal atmospheric elements and Moon cycles
  • Earthy oxide palettes – of red iron, Indian red, yellow ochre, white, terra-verte, charcoal and blue – of soils, sands, sky, barks, plants, leaves etc.
  • Vessel shapes based on my own fibre receptacle forms
  • Symbology plays an overall important role in the total work. More info on this can be found at my home website ~ www.kerrynmadsen-pietsch.com


Each of the panel works are being made available as 'prints on demand' for the first time via
my RedBubble Gallery  


'Tropical Fusions (Panel 2 of 4)' by ©2013 | RedBubble CARD

Tropical Fusions (Panel 1 of 4) by  ©2013 | RedBubble CARD

Tropical Fusions (Panel 1 of 4) by ©2013 | RedBubble

Tropical Fusions (Panel 2 of 4) by ©2013 | RedBubble

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