Monday, July 27, 2009

Australian Artist Ian Fairweather

I have adored and drooled over Ian Fairweather's lifetime of art work since ... well I cannot really recall, but a long time ago now - more than any other artist in the history of this planet with Matisse coming in second at this point.

When the very few opportune times have arose to travel to Brisbane from the Far North, I have stood in front of his work displayed at the Queensland Art Gallery, for such long periods ... soaking in the multiple layers of paint and their contextual meaning, then only to walk away and turn right back again not wanting to take my eyes off them.

It was one of Ian's abstract artwork images that adorned the front cover of the very first magazine publication, Art and Australia, back in the 1963. He was definitely 'not popular' in the general social community consciousness at the time.   
Artwork: Blue-Rhapsody (Ian Fairweather Inspired) 
 Nude drawing/painting study

Medium: gouache, charcoal on paper. Work has sold.

I have one only  precious art book on Ian Fairweather and his work purchased well over a decade ago now. In recent years there has been no books available to purchase.
I was very excited when someone had posted this ABC1 Television Guide link on facebook today (27.07.09). Yet another generation is being inspired by this man's artistic and very creative genius.

Note - Edited/updated 30.11.2011

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