Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beach Infuences - Landmarks

'Pathway of Journeys'

'Pathway of Journeys' is an earlier work and finally it's debut for 'Print on Demand' status at my Red Bubble gallery site http://artropica.redbubble.com/works

Work details
  • Mixed media – acrylic, charcoal, collage, montage – wood, sticks, shells, seedpods, string, fabric, paper, own photo imagery used from my temporary sculpture installation work at Brampston Beach, Queensland.
  • Support – plyboard.
  • Size 600×1200 x 30mm.
  • Created for the group exhibition ‘Landmarks’, Innisfail Art Space.
  • Origianl work has sold and is in a private collection Innisfail, Qld.
You can read further comments about this and other work at my RedBubble community site

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