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Remnants of Presence

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'Visible Traces', one of several works completed for the curated group exhibition Remnants of Presence, was shown at the new Sugarama Gallery, Australia Sugar Industry Museum, Mourilyan ( just south of Innisfail), Far North Queensland, 4 May - 29 June 2003.

This professional curated group exhibition, 12 months in the making, was a grand showcase of 19 artists work from the Innisfail, Mission Beach and Tully region.

Visible Traces
Artwork is a triptych of mixed media on canvas and is currently held in the artist's collection.  Overall size: H.122 cm x W.170 cm 
Mediums used: charcoal, pastel, gesso, watercolour, acrylic, oil, collage, leaves, fabric, papers – rice paper, cartridge,  300 gsm rag paper. 

Further information about the work and the exhibition can be found on my home website.
Print products have been made available for this artwork at my RedBubble gallery here

Centre Panel 
Visible Traces - centre panel

The work includes 'embossed' textured rice paper I printed and was collaged in several areas (mainly bottom and right hand side areas) on the centre panel.

Preview Publication
A preview article was published in the Arts Nexus magazine about Remnants of Presence

Publication 2003 RoP_p12.Arts Nexus.No.50
Non-digital documentation records of photos and a video do exist of this very successful exhibition but most of these have yet to see their conversion into relevant digital media production forms.  
Here is a 'small' image I have to hand on file, taken on the opening day.  The work in the foreground is titled 'Treasure Trove', an sculptural installation completed by yours truly with a collaboration involvement from all participating RoP artists, with each supplying representative 'personal' object pieces.


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