Friday, July 22, 2011

Let 'that' memory go

"This is the laughing Buddha! When they see that which was unreal this laughter comes"

“…Ultimately, it is freedom from even the concept of freedom.

It is the end of striving. We put all our attention, all our efforts,

into becoming the best someone we can be. That is natural, that is

the whole story of mankind. But it is not freedom.

By all means live the highest expression you can. Changing what you feel

does not serve your freedom; follow your heart’s promptings,

but do not take the expression to be a definition of the Self.

Enjoy, with gratitude, your life – as a gift from Life, as an expression

of God, as the dance of the cosmos – while remaining throughout

as the formless seer. The Sage looks into a mirror at the pictures

appearing as himself, but he is not confused.

He remains the unalterable Being into the shrine of emptiness.”

- Mooji ‘Before I Am’

'Transition' 2008
by K.Madsen-Pietsch
Etching (zinc plate) 2008
Original fine art prints (limited edition of 33), are available for sale.
Media: Oil-based etching ink on 300 rag paper.
Plate Size: 245 × 195.

Various Print on Demand formats can be found online at

This universal symbolic image (my personal logo) embodies a summation of several areas in my creative artwork practice over the many years and relative to inner/outer transitory awareness. The intricate pattern/organic design stems from my exposure to observing and drawing inspiration from nature’s designs of natural tropical rainforest and beach environments, textile designing and printmaking; the vessel form from making both ceramic and fibre banana receptacles.

The symbolism develops, comes with continual exploration, new perceptual, intuitive and spiritual awareness in and from one’s art practice.
  • Symbolism: The body, a vessel, for containment of thoughts/desires, upside down – reflection/duality; openings, channels, passages act for giving/receiving, positive action/change, inner/outer transit, pathways/directions; movement, transition; the leaf as a transporter, carrier of dreams, aspirations; parallels, mythical/psychic, reality/illusion, inner/outer, boundaries, earth/nature, spirit/matter; juxtaposition relational awareness – visible/invisible, negative/positive spatial elements, forces, energies; balance, fusion, action, change, harmony, flow, interconnection, growth, life, submersion.


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