Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dramatic Contrasts and Weather Pattern Changes

Summer in the tropics
Of January 2013
First week
We welcomed the frequented refreshing
Scattered rain showers
Often overnight

Random patchy
Heavy rain cloud covers
Blowing up and in
From the South-East coastline

But it all
Too soon
Yet again 
Alternating to continual hot
Drier sunny but still sultry days
Those seamless blue skies
Dominate fiercely
All second week long
Average temps of 23-33 Celsius

13.01.2013 (photo ref.)
Early evening twilight
Horizon sky line
Subsides into a lull
Of warm ember glow
Sooty, dusky residue
Evidence from further inland
Burning fires

New waxing phase moon
Left side tilt
Peering down on a darkening earth

Innisfail Evening Twilight with New Waxing Crescent Moon 2013.01.13
by K.Madsen-Pietsch ©2013 Photography

Twilight's embers
Glass paneled windows
A Rustic orange glowing presence
A mirrored reflection

Warm Twilight Reflections, Innisfail by K.Madsen-Pietsch ©2013 Photography

Then comes high anticipation
For a 'real' FNQ wet season
Of an expectant weather pattern change
Dominating our weary heated senses

Some Top End Monsoonal Low clouds
Finally roll in
Low, heavy
By late afternoon
Two days on, 15.01.2013

Unusually quiet
No storm, no thunder
No gusty winds
Just a heavy deep blue-grey presence,
A thermal blanket
Covering the whole west horizon.

Monsoonal Clouds finally arrive from the West.CBD ~ Innisfail, 6:12:29 pm. 2013.01.15
And in the opposite coastal direction
Sit seemingly
Horizontal aligned rows
Calm, puffy light
Lowly elevated grey clouds

Eastward, overlooking Johnstone River, CBD ~ Innisfail, 6:18:35 pm, 2013.01.15
Hours pass by
The mugginess builds
Heat is trapped
Under the west's mass cloud blanket

Offerings from above
Minimal rain shower 
Early morning,1.30 am

That smell of rain
So distinguishable
Into a dry stuffy atmosphere
Then comes a nip
Of temporary cooling
Of the night air

Bat screechy sounds
Break the ember dark
Night silence 

©2013, 2015 Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch
All rights reserved.

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