Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fairweather Man


Last night I was immediately attracted to a facebook friend's post which simply went like this -
"I paint, dammit!" Ian Fairweather

After I read the follow up discussions with reference being made to Ian Fairweather's life and 'hypocritical' friends in some documentary, I just had to ask was there anywhere one could get this, if available.

And sure enough, as I suspected, the answer I got references back to the link on my blog post made July 27, 2009. ABC has now apparently produced a DVD of the TV documentary. Yeah!

So after ordering the product online last night, along with the amazing Shannon Lush's new book 'Stainless', I now (patiently) await 1-2 weeks for delivery of the goods.

Artwork:  Interconnected.  Mixed media on A0 size paper.
Work sold. In Private Collection - Brisbane.

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